Wizard Friends Hair Pins


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Miniature Portraits Make Spellbinding Hairdos

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Potter Fans Will Flip

These totally original miniature portraits slip onto bobby pins and dress up a 'do like magic.

Their unique construction allows them to be turned

making them as as they are beautiful.

Choose the set of three: Harry, Ron and Hermione

Or the set of ten: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, Luna, Albus, Rubeus, Severus and Minerva

  • Individually hand made by the designer from her minimalist portraits of beloved characters from the JK Rowlings novels 
  • Exquisite detail and color are captured in lightweight polystyrene plastic (Remeber Shrinky Dinks?)
  • Bobby pins have non-scratch rubber tips
  • Pins may be inserted and reinserted either direction; substitute your own pins if you wish
  • Once a pin is in place, the portrait charm can be turned to desired angle
  • Although they have been treated with a matte sealant, charms and pins should not be submerged
  • Packaged in an elegant box with a gift ribbon

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Due the the handmade nature of Schoonmaker Studio products, each piece is slightly unique, and colors may vary slightly from what you see on  your screen.

Wizard Friends Hair Pins will delight Harry Potter fans with lovely minimalist portraits of six beloved Hogwarts students and four of their professors. Place bobby pins around your bun, in your french roll, along your braid or in a simple lift. However you arrange them, the effect will be magical.

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