Transport Your Belongings in the Galaxy’s BEST Police Box Bag

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This Doctor Who Tardis Bag looks like a police box!

Want to Explore Other Worlds, Times and Dimensions?

This bag cannot do that. But it will let everyone know that you would if you could.

  • Heavy cotton canvas bag measures 14″H x 10-1/2″W x 5″D (note: This bag is a little smaller than the others offered by Schoonmaker Studio. It’s all about getting the right ratios and that perfect shade of blue)
  • 23″ Canvas handles with reinforced stress points can comfortably manage heavy loads
  • Surface clean only please
  • Is it bigger on the inside? Yes, IF you can perform Hermione Granger’s Undetectable Extension Charm
the perfect compliment

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Carry this space-time vehicle tote bag fit for the time lords of Gallifray and enjoy its Doctor Who TARDIS artwork, complete with light!

Due to the handmade nature of Schoonmaker Studio products, each piece is slightly unique, and colors may differ a wee bit from what you see on your screen.


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