Han and Leia Earrings


The Best Darn Earrings in the Rebel Alliance

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Accessorize with Commander Princess Organa and Smuggler Pilot Solo

Han and Leia: Classic, classy, and in neutral colors that compliment every outfit.

  • Earrings are individually handcrafted by the designer from her immediately recognizable minimalist portraits of Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in their iconic roles
  • Durable but incredibly lightweight polystyrene plastic charms are unbelievably comfortable¬†
  • Nickel-free silver-plated kidney-style hooks stay in your ears and keep the Han and Leia facing forward
  • Packaged in an elegant box with a gift ribbon

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Star Wars Princess Leia earrings Han Solo earrings

Due to the handmade nature of Schoonmaker Studio products, each piece is slightly unique, and colors may differ a wee bit from what you see on your screen.


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