Dr. Who Ultimate Gift Set for Writers & Students


The Best Collection in Time and Space

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Treat your favorite Whovian to an unforgettable collection of writing-related gifts. These top-quality pieces are as beautiful as they are unique.

Available only from Schoonmaker Studio, winner of the 2019 BBC Doctor Who Fan Art Contest.

"Brilliant" Notebook

  • 8.5″ x 11″ Durable notebook¬†
  • Original full-length minimalist portrait of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor
  • 80 Sheets of college-ruled notebook paper
  • Perforated pages for easy removal
  • Two pockets to store loose sheets
  • Durable chipboard back

Weeping Angel Mousepad

  • High quality 8″ x 9″ foam mousepad with thin rubber base
  • Striking original weeping angel artwork by Gail Schoonmaker
  • Stain-resistant cloth top

Set of 6 unique Gallery Postcards

  • Set of 6 glossy 4″ x 6″ art print postcards
  • Suitable for mailing and/or framing
  • Original artwork features the TARDIS and¬† minimalist portraits of the five most recent regenerations of the Doctor

Set of 5 original Art Magnets

  • Set of 5 unique 2″ wonderfully strong industrial magnets
  • Individually handmade from shrink film, which captures sharp detail and adds element of quirkiness
  • Fans will recognize the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth doctors in these delightful portraits

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Due to the handmade nature of Schoonmaker Studio products, each piece is slightly unique, and colors may differ a wee bit from what you see on your screen.

Photo credit: Desk and chair mockup created by vectorpocket.com

This Doctor Who Gift Set with notebook, postcards, mousepad and art magnets is sure to please fans of the beloved BBC show. Dr. Who artwork on all the products except the mousepad features the 9th 10th 11th 12th and 13th doctors, as portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi and Jodie Whittaker. Doctor Who fans, or Whovians, will appreciate the beautiful 80-page "brilliant" notebook graced with a lovely full length minimalist portrait of the thirteenth doctor (Jodie Whittaker) in this gift set. Hauntingly beautiful weeping angel artwork fills the elegant Doctor Who mousepad. Six classy minimalist portrait Dr. Who postcards, glossy on the art side and matte on the writing side, are ready to be mailed or framed...or both! They contain drawings of the TARDIS and minimalist portraits of the 9th - 13th doctors, including that played by David Tennant. Finally, the wonderful Doctor Who art magnets round out the notebook gift set, 2" durable but lightweight polystyrene plastic ovals with industrial strength magnets attached. They bear minimalist images of the 5 most recent regenerations of Doctor Who, including those played by Jodie Whittaker (on the notebook) and David Tennant and Matt Smith. This gift set, including the notebook, is only available from Schoonmaker Studio.


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