I want to fill your life with things that make you smile

I am thrilled that everyone who takes my artwork for a spin knows they are getting an authentic piece of handmade fun.

~Gail Schoonmaker

In a world of uniforms, neutral colors and business casual, we long to fill our lives with little things that express our personalities and make us happy. If there’s a drawing on your notebook, a sticker on your laptop, or a tattoo on your [insert body part], you know what I’m talking about. That little spark of joy.

Light years ago I wore a Star Trek com badge on my commencement gown, and I could hardly suppress a smile all afternoon knowing that the USS Enterprise was just a transporter beam away. My smile spread to more than a few Trekkies who identified themselves with Vulcan salutes.

A few years later I made myself a pair of Princess Leia earrings with my kid’s Shrinky Dinks® kit. I wore them out to lunch, and three different strangers stopped me to confess their affection for the Rebel Commander and to ask me where I got the earrings. The idea for Schoonmaker Studio was born [that’s SKOON-may-ker STEW-dee-oh].

The journey was sweet but never easy. There were materials to explore, images to create, suppliers to find, alternate suppliers to find, mistakes to learn from, tech meltdowns, drawing boards to return to, and a few children to be parented. But from the time I could hold a crayon I have loved to create things, and this devotion saw me through: the vision that I could fill the lives of others with things that make them smile.

The enthusiastic response has been the icing on the cake. Thank you for letting me make something fun for you.

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